Welcome to The Sausage Diaries

Hello and welcome to my alternative blog “The Sausage Diaries”.

Many of you follow my Siobhan Murphy Photography Blog where from time to time I post personal stuff and concentrate on blogging lots of photo sessions of lovely families.  Before (and indeed alongside) taking pictures my other great love in life was always writing.  These days I mostly write work emails and quick comments on facebook but back in the day I used to write letters – on paper – to friends – long, silly, fun letters about stuff that was going on, crazy things that happened and stuff I just found funny.  And you know what I miss it – I miss writing stuff that is not just a quick sarcastic one-liner or a sensible work email.

Sooooooooo I decided the time has come to indulge my love of the written (hopefully amusing) word and do a blog with more words than pictures in it. Don’t worry there will be a few pictures too.  So what am I going to rattle on about ?  and more importantly why on earth should you read it … well – here are few things that spring to mind …….

  • My daughter is a bit of a nutter, who is obsessed with sausages – hence the title of the blog.  She – like many children her age – has a great sense of humour and does stupid things all the time, I know if I don’t try and write a few of them down I will forget them in time and I’ll forget her craziness as she grows into a sensible adult.  So there will be some child/parent related anecdotes and moments which hopefully lots of parents will relate to – and it won’t always be about sausages I promise.
  • We all like a good-natured rant – so there will be a bit of ranting now and again.  Could be about Society, Reality TV or most likely the vacuous pointless idiot that is Katie Price – feel free to join the debate.
  • There will be film, TV  & book reviews – but don’t panic this is not The Guardian or Time Out, they’ll have a bit of a spin on them 😉
  • Friends blogs – I have some lovely friends out there writing some really good stuff so from time to time I’ll share some stuff – they write about fashion, music, food, fitness – lots of stuff that I think you’ll enjoy.
  • Travel – my other great love – before I was a Mum I was an adventurer with lots of stamps in my passport and tales to tell.  There was a time I longed to be a travel writer – these days I travel less but I’ll give you a taster of some of the joys of travelling with kids, flashbacks to backpacking highs and lows, moments from past trips and my unfailing “comedy hotel radar” which has led me to book some pretty entertaining hovels over the years.

So I hope you will enjoy coming along for the ride and hope you will interact and comment along the way.  And because we need to ensure the first post is definitely sausage-related here’s a picture of the sausage-loving queen.

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