National Sausage Week !! Who Knew ?

So, as the more astute amongst you will have worked out from the title, it’s National Sausage Week .. and the answer to the “who knew” question is … well, obviously not me or the small sausage fiend but my lovely friend Ness who alerted me to the fact – thank you.   However the irony of me inadvertently starting a sausage-themed blog during National Sausage Week is not lost on me !!  In fact I’ll put my hands in the air and say it’s a bit crap and yet a slight stroke of genius at the same time.  Luckily however the small one feasted on sausages yesterday for tea so I feel am at least supporting the cause this week [NB: this meal was served purely by coincidence – although I’m fully aware that there are many people out there who think her diet is comprised entirely of sausages and sausage related products – its not the case .. there are other meat products as well and quite a lot of what the wonderful Sarah Millican calls “multi-coloured food” – ie: Vegetables]

So further research tells me we should all be “Standing up for British Bangers” this week.  Where does such a rousing call to action come from, well none other than that famous website called  It strikes me that this is not a website term to be googled lightly but its a perfectly legitimate site which describes itself as “the online community for lovers of quality pork”.  So if you are a pork lover seeking a community this is the place for you – and there are some fascinating facts on there.

It states – and I quote (verbatim) that “among the nation’s biggest banger fans are some of the country’s most celebrated figures including the likes of Noddy Holder, Craig Revel-Horwood, Christine Hamilton, Phil Tufnell, Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee and Dickie Bird”.  Well firstly – how do they know they are banger fans – is there a box on the census I missed ? or is this just common public knowledge that has just passed me by ?  I would have thought if we were contemplating the nation’s biggest banger fans then Keith Lemon and Jordan should almost certainly appear on the list.  And secondly these are “celebrated figures”  – really ????

It also states that “sausages are the nation’s favourite meaty dinner, outselling chicken or minced beef and accounting for a staggering 864 million meals every year” … I have no idea whether or not this statistic is true but I would like to state – for the record – that not all of these meals were consumed by my daughter.  Several of them (probably) but not all of them.

So in the spirit of National Sausage week – enjoy your bangers folks 🙂

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1 Response to National Sausage Week !! Who Knew ?

  1. Mark C says:

    Who knew indeed. It is now Wewdnesday and not a clue did I have. Come to that who decides on which day is which and where does one find out what is special about this day or week. I am always blindsided by International Speak Like a Pirate Day. I never have a clue that National Kissing Day is upon me or the day for smiling, or the one for hugging or Pie Week. I really should get a better diary!

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