Parenthood and the need for Wine o’clock

There are several times in a parent’s day that are significant times – particularly once you have a child at school.  These times are as follows:

* School drop off – which is always preceded by lots and lots of shouting

* School pick up – which always coincides with when it rains

* When the kids go to bed

* Wine O’Clock

Wine O’Clock can come after the kids go to bed or can be something that is urgently required in order for you to have the sanity to survive until the kids go to bed.

However I recently discovered one of the main reasons that Wine O’Clock is so vital in the world of parents and the genuine relief it can bring – Kids Parties.  Yes, I discovered this because I organised a kids party at home – not at a play centre, or a pool or a village hall, with other people in charge, but at home – with me in charge!  This was a serious mistake.  I didn’t realise it at the time as we had a party at home last year when my daughter was 7.  It was lovely – it was a little girls pamper party, and aside from the fact they sang Barbie Girl on the Xbox Singing game so many times I nearly cried, they were lovely, they had fun, they were very sweet and there was (obviously) a cake with a happy sausage on it …

It’s a happy sausage – trust me!

This year the cake theme was all about dogs .. cupcakes with many different dogs on them. They were all works of art, beautifully made by my great friend The Baking Princess but my personal favourite was (of course) the Sausage Dog !

So we had a very excited Birthday Girl, we had dog cakes, we had party food and we had 8 nice little people.  Unfortunately we also had non-uniform day at school and cake and sweet sales in Aid of Children in Need.

It strikes me that a non-uniform day where you can purchase cakes is to a 6, 7 or 8 year old the equivilent of a toga-party to a group of tanked-up adults.  They came to the party from school as high as kites and utter carnage ensued for 2 hours.  In a former life I did a PGCE in Manchester which involved teacher training in schools around Longsight and Moss Side, so you can take my word for it when I tell you that I have prior experience of challenging unruly children and winning, and that I possess a “scary teacher voice” .. however that was before I had kids.  In all honesty at the end of a long week, faced with 8 nutters in party outfits, full of haribos, cake, chocolate and general excitement I didn’t even manage to summon up the energy to try and get them to behave .. so there really was only one thing for it.  WINE O’CLOCK !!

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