The Countdown Approaches …..

So Christmas is definitely on it’s way – being completely disorganised I’m desperately trying to ignore this fact … BUT .. I know its official when my annual “Santa the World Traveller” card arrives.

Courtesy of a lovely friend of mine, I have one of these cards from every year going back about 20 years now … (arghhh .. just realised it is actually that long). It’s always great to see where the roving fat guy has been during the year.  They are all fantastic and feature many wonders of the world including The Great Wall of China, Brandenburg Gate, The White House, The Pyramids, The Sydney Opera House, The Masai Mara etc.etc ……

This also means that it is nearly Advent Calendar time and I will have to show some immense willpower and not steal all my daughter’s chocolates out of her calendar on Day One.  This year she has chosen a Mr Man Advent Calendar which is fitting as we both love the Mr Men & Little Miss books … Infact one day I would love to rewrite them actually featuring people I know … [mind goes off on amusing tangent ..].  Her favourite at the moment is Mr Mean – because in the end he isn’t mean anymore (just like real life .. NOT) but more importantly, and I quote, “he looks like a blue sausage” and to be fair he does !

However, I think the best thing to do to stop me stealing the spoils from the little one’s advent calendar is to get one of my own.  There are lots out there but to be honest having seen this one there is really no contest 🙂

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2 Responses to The Countdown Approaches …..

  1. Claire White says:

    Love the idea of *that* advent calendar! xx

  2. Melissa says:

    I’d actually partake in your version of the advent calendar!! 😉 Very good idea!!

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