‘Tis the Season for the School Nativity Play …..

I love this time of year as my little one has started opening the advent calendar and gets more excited with each day that passes.  It is also the time Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other carers go to school to watch the little ones perform the Christmas Show at School.  My little girl is now in Junior School where they are considered too old to do a Nativity play and they just do a normal school play which I will see tomorrow – its a bit sad thinking the Nativity play years are behind us. I’ve watched 3 years worth of really cute, hilarious, performances when she was an infant.  She has been a sheep, a narrator and a towns-person.  I’m a bit sad she never got to be an Angel – she would have made great Angel 🙂

No matter which songs are chosen and where the school is,  Nativity plays always include a number of common features :

1) It is compulsory for Mary to have no front teeth.  (And on the subject of teeth it is entirely possible that a tooth belonging to a member of cast may even fall out during the performance).

2) There will always be an least one child who picks their nose throughout the entire show.

3) The child chosen to deliver the most lines will always have the fastest speaking voice in the world and it will be impossible to discipher a single word they are saying.

Lines will be forgotten, people will stand in the wrong place, everyone will wave at their Mum or Dad during the performance and children will audibly tell other children off for doing their bit wrong.  but none of this matters because the whole thing is adorable and there will not be a dry eye in the house.  At least for the Mums it’s a bit of a blub-fest.

And sometimes it might just be very, very funny … I saw the video below on facebook last year and its totally hilarious .. I just re-found it to post here and its still as funny this year – so if you’ve not seen it before – enjoy !!

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