Freezing mornings and jobs …

I was pondering the last couple of days how hard it is to drag yourself out of bed on a freezing morning to defrost the car, do the school run, and go to work – particularly if you don’t really like your job.  The temptation to stay in the warm, under the duvet is just enormous.  Yesterday for example it was absolutely freezing, the car took ages to clear and my hands were completely numb .. but I was spurred on my two things:  1) there was a stunning colourful sunrise and 2) I am lucky enough to work from home, running my own business doing something I love.  There is the odd rubbish day of course but 98% of the time its great.

I recall on the one of the 2% days .. I was driving along reflecting on the fact that I really don’t enjoy doing my bookkeeping when I passed a grown man, standing by a roundabout dressed as spiderman and wearing a massive dominos pizza box .. Its fair to say this made me completely reassess the crappy bits of my job.

On another occasion I spotted a vehicle that frequents my local area .. its is named “The Poo Lorry”.. and rest assured it seems to do exactly what it says on the tin. Again I ruminated on the amount of job satisfaction experienced by The Poo Lorry employees.  I told my daughter all about it (mainly because it includes the word Poo which never stops being funny to a small child) and this led to a great conversation.  She wanted to know if the man that drives The Poo Lorry has to go work each day in a uniform that makes him look like a big poo!!  I love the sheer brilliance of this suggestion but think in all honesty clearing sewage can’t be much fun so having the added humilation of dressing like a human turd does seem a bit beyond the call of duty.  Pity though its a great idea!

Obviously compared to factory workers in the 3rd world this job and many others aren’t  that bad but for fun I did a little bit of googling about the worlds worst jobs and came up with a number of sites all containing  suggestions … there were loads to choose from but here are a handful:

a) A man who collects Elephant sperm by putting his hand up the backside of Elephants and manipulating the prostate.

b) Fluffers: My daughter said one day that she’d named one of her toy dogs “Fluffer” I don’t think there is ever a good time to explain what this is to your daughter but when she’s a mere 6 years old is definitely not the time.

c) The people who clean up the vomit at theme parks.

d) A “Taser Tester” – someone that willingly allows someone else to put several thousand volts of electricity through them.

e) Lindsay Lohan’s Personal Assistant.

Like I say I’ve been pretty lucky with jobs I’ve done .. they have been many and varied and mostly enjoyable – for a time I worked at Waterstones .. I never actually thought to do what you see in the picture below but I really really wish I had !


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1 Response to Freezing mornings and jobs …

  1. There’s not many things that make me laugh out loud (excluding my kids) but that picture is SUCH a crack up. Thanks Siobhan!

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