Could you just rustle up an Angel outfit for tomorrow…?

When you become a parent among the thousands of other skills you need, you also apparently have develop the ability to rustle up amazing outfits out of thin air .. they can be animals, book characters, nativity play characters, characters from films, you name it, you need to somehow throw it together in time for your offspring to arrive at Nursery, Pre-School or School appropriately attired.  This year I got away lightly only needing to magically create a cat, a dog and a pirate but it got me reminiscing about some of my past masterpieces.  Obviously I’m quite creative so I’m not one to purchase a fairy outfit for all eventualities from Tescos or a historically accurate recreation of a period costume off of the internet.  No, I prefer to get out the glue and scissors and see what sort of monstrosities I can create.

When my daughter was small the aim was for the outfit to make her look hilarious purely for my own amusement and at the detriment (usually) of her comfort – Case in point – The Lady Bird outfit for “Mini-Beast Day” (or as they were called when I was young – insects).  As you can see the outfit scared her and made her cry, but I liked it !


On another occasion for “Under the Sea” I fashioned her a mermaid outfit – again I thought she looked hilarious – but she wasn’t impressed – particularly with the scratchy uncomfortable wig.  This was later adapted for “Peter Pan Day” – when quite memorably having watched me spend around 2 hours (I can’t sew well) adapting the mermaid outfit and perfecting my impression of a person with Tourettes, she said the immortal words “I don’t want to be a mermaid anymore I want to be Tiger Lilly” .. the temptation to send her into school in PJs as Wendy was huge but I’d made the mermaid outfit so she was wearing it whether she liked it or not.  Also featured below a “Pirate Day” outfit from a couple of years ago – I managed to reuse the cardboard and tinfoil cutlass for Pirate Day this year but the spectacular and amazingly realistic shoulder parrot didn’t survive.


Book week is always a great time of year too .. you could doubt your own sanity during book week – the last one saw me walking through the sunlit snow hand in hand with Gobbolino the witches cat, passing Angelina Ballerina, an array of Princesses, The Gruffalo, several superheroes, Ben10 and Mr Bump on the way.

Finally in the spirit of being festive I leave you with one of my favourite creations – The Christmas Cracker – enjoy ….


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1 Response to Could you just rustle up an Angel outfit for tomorrow…?

  1. Melissa says:

    This as usual is well written and hysterical!!!
    Love the outfit pics!! Your blog is better than the morning news paper by far!!! Thanks for the great read first thing in the morning… Starting my day in high spirits!! 🙂

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