Frozen Sausages & Extreme Weather Conditions

Happy New Year Sausage Lovers 🙂

Well it’s January, it’s Winter, it’s cold and what do you know … we have Snow !!  As ever when the white stuff appears as is it’s wont to do at this time of year, the Country comes to a standstill.  As a friend of mine on her fabulous blog put it “As usual there was a news special about the light dusting and words like ‘treacherous’ being bandied about left, right & centre.” (From – Muddy Boots and Mixed Tapes).

You would think there were scenes like this (below) everywhere – but there aren’t !!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 08.37.01It often snows in the UK in Winter but despite this we are never prepared for it.  Every single time this happens there is widespread panic and disruption.  Whether its a couple of centimetres – or as in this case a bit more in some parts of the country – everything stops.  Planes stop taking off and landing, trains cannot run along rails, people leave work in droves before the snow even arrives thereby gridlocking entire towns, schools close and the whole country grinds to a halt.   As this amusing cartoon states – people literally don’t know what to do.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 18.46.20In the big scheme of snow and cold temperatures of course this is nothing – look at countries like Canada that regularly have temperatures of – 20c in Winter – they continue to function normally.  Places like Siberia where temperatures can drop to – 60c, there the hardy locals dress up in real fur hats and long fur coats .. no Greenpeace supporters here … and go about their daily business, claiming they “have to wrap up and it takes a bit longer to get dressed but they are used to it” [loosely paraphrasing a BBC report]

Here however a smattering of snow across the country and chaos ensues.   This is not unprecedented of course.  It’s fair to say that whatever the weather we have in the UK – hot, cold, rain, snow, fog .. we fail to cope with any of it.

We constantly bemoan our lack of sunshine for example and at the mere hint of a bit of sun people are stripping off and exposing their scary-looking blueish-white bodies to the elements.  When I worked in London whenever the sun came out any available bit of park or patch of grass would contain a half-naked office worker getting a blast of UV in their coffee break or lunch hour.  The streets would be packed outside every pub and people would actually look happy.   Head abroad and the situation is even worse.  You find yourself surrounded by completely sunburnt British people with tan lines that make them look as if they are still wearing their T-shirt or vest – and skin that makes you wince to look at it because you know exactly how much that is going to be hurting them in a few hours time.  The French of course refer to the English, not terribly affectionately, as “Roast Beef” and by that they don’t mean we are the colour of the badly cooked stuff we often get in this country – i.e.: Brown, but rather that we resemble beef the cooked French way – the colour of bright red blood.  And they would be right.

We long for the sun and of course when it does come it’s “an unbearable heatwave” there is humidity, it’s much too hot, “temperatures are soaring”, there is no air-conditioning, conditions on public transport are “horrendous” and the Evening Standard has screaming headlines like “Chaos for commuters as Tube buckles in the heat”.

There is of course “Chaos for commuters” whatever the weather – in Autumn we suffer from leaves on the line and famously have suffered from “The wrong type of snow”.  This past year of course though, rain has been the problem.  We had endless non-stop rain for days and weeks on end during what was famously termed “Britain’s Worst Drought since 1976” .   We have since suffered with endless floods throughout the Country but I’m confident that by March we will have the obligatory Spring Hosepipe Ban securely in place.

Assuming that the “Big Freeze” would only last a few minutes and we’d be encountering “The Big Thaw” in no time I took the liberty of putting a little snowman in the freezer for my little one.


However – the snow remains and they say more is coming – if so I think the time has come to embrace the snow, carry on as normal and be a bit more creative .. I plan to make one of these …..


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