Food Fun with Kids

Well folks its the time of year for a bit of festive sausage – and no, that is not a euphemism.  It is of course the season to be jolly and eat pigs in blankets one of the best sausage related delicacies you could wish for.  As it happens we actually had a bit of a healthy debate about the Christmas meal this year – should we do goose ? 3 bird roast? beef fillet or go traditional with turkey?  Turkey won but purely down to the “peripherals” as it turned out – ie: the array of different stuffings and the little piggies all wrapped up.


I was prompted to write this post after seeing this image on facebook this morning which made me smile.


It also made me reflect on the amount of fun you can have with food if you see things through a kids eyes and use a bit of imagination.  I would like to put a strong caveat here … instagraming or otherwise photographing your dinner is annoying – don’t do it – it’s a trend that I hate with a vengeance.  Unless it’s presented to perfection by a Michelin starred chef or done for sheer comedy value – don’t do it !  I like this (somewhat paraphased) quote I saw along the lines of  “Do you remember the days before facebook when you photographed your dinner, took the film to be developed, then took the prints around to all your friend’s houses and showed them pictures of your dinner?  NO ? Me neither, so please stop “… so true.

Rant over – back to pictures of my dinner ….

In seriousness at Christmas we do tend to go a bit all out on the food stakes but the small sausage lover isn’t so keen on things like mini dressed crabs and other seafood related starters, and since I refuse to let her have sausages for starters and for main, last year I decided instead to fashion her a cheese reindeer which went down pretty well.  

2013-12-20_0001The main problem with this sort of behaviour is that you set high dinner expectations or as the older generation would like to say in relation to parenting “ooohhh you are making a rod for your own back”.  And sure enough there are now days when requests are presented to me – along the lines of “this is what I would like my dinner to look like”.

2013-12-20_0008Any excuse to make a rice beard works for me.  The little one herself is bit of genius when it comes to making food fun.  The sausage cigar is a personal all time favourite for me as I think its a pretty passable Tony Soprano impression – a programme for obvious reasons she has never seen.


And who is this fella below I hear you ask .. well obviously this is Colin the Christmas Potato !  Surely this is a feature of every home at this time of year ?  No ? OK.  He even reappeared at new year mourning a few of his relatives that were used as part of the menu.


Once you put your mind to it you can be quite inventive .. Octopi swimming here as you can see …


Or just blatantly childish …


It’s all good fun and most of my attempts to be honest are pretty damn amateurish …


But it might help out a fussy eater or give you something to take your mind off of the fact that there are still a few hours until bed time or wine o’clock.  Mind you there is always some smart arse that goes and ruins it for the rest of us … check out these amazing works of art !!

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1 Response to Food Fun with Kids

  1. siobhan i have made kitty lunch faces ever since she could eat! so funny as i just do it without thinking now but no matter what is on that face she will eat. works a treat. when we go to other people’s houses and she’s asked what she would like for lunch she always replies ‘just a face’. what a chore I have created for the host! Have a brilliant Christmas xx

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